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OPÁL-2 Translation & Interpretation LLC was founded in 1996 by Ágnes Egerszegi and Dr. András Jánossy in the West Hungarian city of Veszprém.

The activity of the firm was grounded on the OPÁL Translation Agency (launched as a sole proprietorship in 1991), which was wound up on establishment of the LLC.

The agency works with more than 100 freelance translators on the basis of long-term supply contracts, besides maintaining close cooperation with partner agencies both at home and abroad. We translate from and into all European and some non-European languages. Around 90% of our total turnover comprises translations into or from German, English and the Eastern European languages. Apart from few exceptions, our translators translate into their native languages. They have acquired the technical language of certain fields in the course of higher education or an extended period of employment in a foreign country.

OPÁL-2 Translations LLC completes around 20,000 pages of translation and 1,000 hours of interpreting each year. We work according to the code of ethics and quality recommendations of the Association of Hungarian Translation Agencies (MFE), which involves checking the linguistic correctness, content and form of the work carried out. All orders are treated, documented and electronically archived in the strictest confidence. This confidentiality obligation naturally extends to all internal and external collaborators. Native-language and professional proofreading can also be done by special request.

Our collaborators work in the most prevalent word-processing, spreadsheet and layout programs. For larger or sequential projects we use translation memory (TM) software (SDL-Trados, Transit, etc.), which besides ensuring consistent terminology, also provides shorter deadlines and a significant price reduction. In collaboration with our partners in the printing industry, we also undertake the production of complete publications (translation, scanning, facsimile editing, printing jobs).

For our principal technical fields, see the Services menu.

With our major clients, we generally work on the basis of long-term contracts.