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On the packaging of goods found on supermarket shelves there is generally a multilingual description of the content, purpose, usage and origin of the goods, and all this in a font size which would be a tricky task even for a practised eagle to decipher. Even at school, many of us struggled with understanding or translating (friendly or love) letters. Two simple examples of how translation is actually part of our everyday lives, and how foreign languages may not be so strange after all.

But there are also areas in which translation is more than just a simple exercise. I dare say you have tried and tested people with well-grounded language skills who have no problem working with foreign technical documents or writing reports in other languages. But when you address potential clients in the new emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe or you would like to take part in a major project with international partners, you may be in need of the rapid professional help of an expert language facilitator. We are happy to provide help from our translators, who work in various countries in their native language environment and who know their way around the respective technical terminology thanks to studying and/or working abroad.

You can approach us with confidence, you will not be disappointed!